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Beyond Distrust: How People View Their Government And News Agencies.

A national survey by Pew Research Center reveals how distrustful the American public feels about the media; 65 percent say the national news media impacts the country negatively.

Among conservative Republicans and Republican leaners, a whopping 82 percent say the national news media has a negative impact.

89 percent of Republicans distrust the government, and 72 percent of Democrats agree. On average, 13 percent of Republicans have said, during Obama’s tenure, that they can trust the government, the lowest level of average trust among either party during any administration dating back 40 years.

Americans simply don’t trust the federal government—only 19 percent believe they can trust the government in Washington to do what is right, with a paltry 3 percent qualifying that statement as “just about always” and 16 percent specifying, “most of the time.”

This is not only in America, but in Europe and Latin-America as well. Headlines like: ¨Top German Journalist Admits Live On Air National News Agenda Set By Government¨ in Germany, ¨Crisis of trust in the news media?¨ in Spain, ¨Por que nos odian tanto?¨ (Why are we being hated so much?) in latin america, are just a small example that leaks through the bars of what is really happening.

“…journalists received instructions to write news that would be “to Ms. Merkel’s liking”…

“… the stations actually took orders on what was and was not to be reported on”…

“…the topics about which are reported are laid down by the government”…

“There are many topics that would be more important than what the government wants. But they, of course, want to deflect attention away from what does n´t happen. Yet what doesn’t happen is often more important than what does happen – more important than gesture politics”.

“… it should be reported “to Ms. Merkel’s liking”,

“Today, one is not allowed to say anything negative about the refugees”…“This is government journalism and that leads to a situation in which people no longer trust us. This is a scandal.”

“…That the German mainstream media is not free and routinely obscures or bends the truth”…

This has become an issue one must do something about. We are being deceived into thinking that what media tells us is the truth, or what the majority thinks; but the truth is, facts are far from it…

A year ahead of the presidential election, the American public is deeply cynical about government, politics and the nation’s elected leaders in a way that has become quite familiar.

Currently, just 19% say they can trust the government always or most of the time, among the lowest levels in the past half-century. Only 20% would describe government programs as being well-run. And elected officials are held in such low regard that 55% of the public says “ordinary Americans” would do a better job of solving national problems.

The federal government is not the only national institution viewed negatively by the public. A majority (56%) say large corporations have a negative impact on the country, while an identical percentage says the same about the entertainment industry. And nearly two-thirds (65%) say the national news media has a negative effect on the country.

I´m deeply worried, I don´t know what should be done about all this, except not to buy more mainstream media. There are several alternate news pages that are actually trying to do something, or even independent people that do give a damn about the country and try to educate us, I deeply encourage everybody out there to hear them out. For crying out loud her them both if you must, and then get your own conclusions from the outcome of what is actually happening…

Alex Jones

Paul Joseph Watson

Lauren Southern


Sister Sorcha Faal


There are several others out there, it´s just a matter of preference, let your heart speak to you…

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Which Flag is Which?

Found this interesting article while reading some history…

Have You Been Hornswoggled?

By Richard McDonald

amwarflagThe people of the United States actually have two national flags: one for our military government and another for the civil. Each one has fifty stars in its canton, and thirteen red and white stripes, but there are several important differences.



Although most Americans think of the Stars and Stripes (above left) as their only flag, it is actually for military affairs only. The other one, meant by its maker for wider use, (peacetime), has vertical stripes with blue stars on a white field (right). You can see this design, which bears civil jurisdiction, in the U.S. Coast Guard and Customs flags, but their service insignias replace the fifty stars.

I first learned of the separate, civil flag when I was reading Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, published in 1850. The introduction, titled “The Custom House,” includes this description:

From the loftiest point of its roof, during precisely three and a half hours of each forenoon, floats or droops, in breeze or calm, the banner of the republic; but with the thirteen stripes turned vertically, instead of horizonally, and thus indicating that a civil, and not a military post of Uncle Sam’s government, is here established.

It took me two years of digging before I found a picture that matched what he was describing: my second clue was an original Illuminated History of North America (1860). If this runs against your beliefs, look up these two references.

History book publishers contribute to the public’s miseducation by always picturing the flag in military settings, creating the impression that the one with horizontal stripes is the only one there is. They don’t actually lie; they just tell half the truth. For example, the “first American flag” they show Betsy Ross sewing at George Washington’s request was for the Revolution — of course it was military.

The U.S. government hasn’t flown the civil flag since the Civil War, as that war is still going on. Peace has never been declared, nor have hostilities against the people ended. The government is still operation under quasi-military rule.

You movie buffs may recall this: In the old Westerns, “Old Glory” has her stripes running sideways and a military yellow fringe. Most of these films are historically accurate about that; their stories usually took place in the territories still under military law and not yet states. Before WWII, no U.S. flag, civil or military, flew within the forty-eight states (except in federal settings); only state flags did. Since then, the U.S. government seems to have decided the supposedly sovereign states are its territories, too, so it asserts its military power over them under the “law of the flag.”

Today the U.S. Military flag appears alongside, or in place of, the state flags in nearly all locations within the states. All of the state courts and even the municipal ones now openly display it. This should have raised serious questions from many citizens long ago, but we’ve been educated to listen and believe what we are told, not to ask questions, or think or search for the truth.



  • 1. hornswoggled: deceived. The term comes from the traditional image of cuckolded husbands wearing horns.óEditor
  • 2. canton: The rectangular section in the upper corner of a flag, next to the staff.
  • 3. The Scarlet Letter: An Authoritative Text, edited by Sculley Bradley, W. W. Norton, New York, 1978, pp. 7-8.
  • 4. There is also a picture of the Coast Guard flag in Webster’s Third New International Dictionary of the English Language Unabridged, G. & C. Merriam Company, Springfield, Mass., 1966.
  • 5. For more about the law of the flag, see “A Fiction-at-Law . . . ,” in the printed version of Perceptions Magazine May/June1995, Issue 9, page 11.


About the author: Richard McDonald is a California Citizen domiciled in The California state Republic. He does legal research and has his own site on the web, State Citizen’s Service Center.

This article was transcribed, without permission, from the May/June ’95 issue of Perceptions Magazine, c/o 10734 Jefferson Boulevard, Suite 502-RW, Culver City, California, [Postal Zone 90230] Telephone: 310-313-5185.


Then I continued researching and found something more on the flag…


The flags displayed in State courts and courts of the United States have gold or yellow fringes. That is your WARNING that you are entering into a foreign enclave, the same as if you are stepping into a foreign embassy and you will be under the jurisdiction of that flag. The flag with the gold or yellow fringe has no constitution, no laws, and no rules of court, and is not recognized by any nation on the earth, and is foreign to you and the United States of America.


The Law of the Flag, an International Law, which is recognized by every nation of the planet, is defined as:

“… a rule to the effect that a vessel is a part of the territory of the nation whose flag she flies. The term is used to designate the RIGHTS under which a ship owner, who sends his vessel into a foreign port, gives notice by his flag to all who enter into contracts with the ship master that he intends the Law of that Flag to regulate those contracts, and that they must either submit to its operation or not contract with him or his agent at all.” Ref.: Ruhstrat v. People, 57 N.E. 41

By the doctrine of “four cornering” the flag establishes the law of the country that it represents. For example, the embassies of foreign countries, in Washington D.C., are “four cornered” by walls or fencing, creating an “enclave.” Within the boundaries of the “enclave” of the foreign embassy, the flag of that foreign country establishes the jurisdiction and law of that foreign country, which will be enforced by the Law of the Flag and international treaty. If you enter an embassy, you will be subject to the laws of that country, just as if you board a ship flying a foreign flag, you will be subject to the laws of that flag, enforceable by the “master of the ship,” (Captain), by the law of the flag.

When you enter a courtroom displaying a gold or yellow fringed flag, you have just entered into a foreign country, and you better have your passport with you, because you may not be coming back to the land of the free for a long time. The judge sitting under a gold or yellow fringe flag becomes the “captain” or “master” of that ship or enclave and he has absolute power to make the rules as he goes. The gold or yellow fringe flag is your warning that you are leaving your Constitutionally secured RIGHTS on the floor outside the door to that courtroom.

This is exactly why so many judges are appointed, and not elected by the people. The Federal judges are appointed by the President, the national military commander in chief. The State judges are appointed by the Governors, the state military commanders. The judges are appointed because the courts are military courts and civilians do not “elect” military officers.

Under martial law, you are presumed guilty until proven innocent.

The gold-fringed flag only stands inside military courts that sit in summary court martial proceedings against civilians and such courts are governed in part by local rules, but more especially by “The Manual of Courts Martial”, U.S., 1994 Ed., at Art. 99, (c)(1)(b), pg. IV-34, PIN 030567-0000, U.S. Government Printing Office, Wash. D.C. The details of the crimes that civilians can commit, that are classed as ‘Acts of War,’ cover 125 pages in the Manual of Courts Martial.

Under Article IV, section 3, of the Constitution for the united States of America, no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State. So — Why have the judges of the State and Federal courts been allowed to erect foreign enclaves within our public courthouses under a foreign flag with the yellow fringe upon the soil of your state?

We just thought you would like to know, so that the next time you see this yellow fringed flag you will know what you are looking at and what it really means. If you are in Spain and you see the National Flag of Spain, you would know that you are under the jurisdiction of Spain; and their laws govern you at this time. You are officially NOTICED when you see their flag. This is an admiralty law that says that all who see this flag understand they are governed by the laws of the country that this flag represents. You SHOULD understand that the gold or yellow fringed flag signifies the same thing. It is a notice to you that you are under the rules and regulations of the military force that is flying that flag.

Are you familiar with martial law?

Does your attorney understand what this flag means?

“It is an elementary rule of pleading, that a plea to the jurisdiction is a tacit (silent) admission that the court has a right to judge the case and is a waiver to all exception to the jurisdiction.”(Girty v. Logan, 6 Bush KY, 8)

Yellow Fringed Admiralty Flag

Fringe On The U.S. Flag What Does It Mean?

United States Executive Order 10834

What is the Zika Virus Epidemic Covering Up?

Correlation does not mean causation.  Is the Zika virus being used as a scapegoat for Pharma’s dangerous adverse effects?


The world of modern medicine has since its inception been one of controversies, scandals and cover ups. Each such episode has bettered the other and is done with a finesse that appears clearly criminal in intent. The Zika virus episode is one of the best examples of this and hides a very cruel agenda behind it.

On February 1st 2016, the WHO declared the Zika virus epidemic a global public health emergency. This was even before it formally sat for a Skype meeting on February 2nd. What caused this urgency? The Zika virus, WHO claimed, had caused an epidemic of microcephaly in Brazilian children around 4000 of who had been affected since October 2015. Microcephaly is a condition where children are born with a small size of the skull and sometimes with under developed brains.

Experts cautioned that the virus was spreading fast and Latin America was threatened. Soon cases were reported from the USA, spread through sex, concretizing the official narrative on the “ferocious spread” of the virus. In the UK the public was reminded that the virus was only a plane ride away. Ireland advised condom use. Zika was also linked to a kind of paralysis called the Guillain Barre Syndrome, an auto-immune disorder where the body attacks its own nerve cells. The WHO put Zika in the same category as the Ebola; both belong to the same category of a virus family called Flavoviridae. The priority, it was said, was to protect pregnant women and babies from harm.

Even before this declaration by the WHO, on January 22nd the Government of Brazil had gone into an overdrive to contain the epidemic. The Health Minister requested women to avoid pregnancy, asked the pregnant women to report to doctors for a checkup, and employed 200,000 soldiers in a fumigation drive to kill mosquitoes. Pregnant women were heart broken in the country. Many considered aborting and some even went ahead and conducted illegal abortions, as abortions are not legal in the country. The media was flush with news and every TV channel and print media highlighted this global crisis. Experts suggested that genetically modified mosquitoes used against the dengue carrying mosquitoes in Brazil should also be used against Zika as the vector, the Aedes aegypti variety was the same.

In a public health debate on France 24 TV channel on 26th January however the experts were cautious. Through their body language and careful choice of words they opined that the epidemic was perhaps not so serious. Brazil was probably overreacting to the crisis as it was hosting the Olympics in August 2016 and also the Paralympics in September. Clearly it had to show action on the ground to prove that strong steps were being taken to curb the epidemic. As they became more and more uncomfortable dealing with the subject of the interview, the Zika virus, the anchor had to wonder if this was another swine flu scare that had led to vaccine stockpiling worldwide and that had to be destroyed later leading to huge losses to Governments and profits to the manufacturer. An expert then conceded that common sense measures at the point of origin were usually enough to contain the spread of vector borne diseases.

Even as the hysteria mounted and the Health Minister of India called an extraordinary meeting to discuss India’s response to the public health emergency and the WHO predicted a global disease burden of 4 million with outbreaks in 20 countries, crucial information began to emerge in the independent media that shocked well read and educated people throughout the world. There was something very wrong in the way the WHO, Governments, other medical agencies and the media was fanning the issue.

The Zika virus was discovered in the year 1947 by the Rockefeller Foundation when it was isolated from monkeys from the Zika forest in Uganda in a laboratory. Since then the Foundation owns the patent to this virus. The first human case being detected in the year 1954 was found to cause a very mild form of disease involving low fever, sore body, headaches, and a mild rash in very few people. The rest did not show any symptoms at all.  The symptoms were resolved in a few days. Prior to 2007 only 14 cases were recorded. Even as a bigger spread was recorded in French Polynesia in 2014 (338 cases) nobody took the virus seriously. So what changed in 2015? Why did 4,180 babies come down with microcephaly in Brazil? What about the cases of Guillain Barre Syndrome? These were never associated with the Zika since its discovery almost 70 years ago.

Experts in the field of genetics observed something very curious. The Zika virus had currently emerge exactly from those areas where the GM mosquitoes were released in 2015 to contain the dengue! The mosquitoes were released by a company called Oxitech in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). Could one virus have been replaced with another?

As Brazil started scrutinizing the 4180 cases of microcephaly more surprises emerged. Alerted by a circular to report cases of microcephaly pediatricians in the country had clearly exceeded their brief by reporting every child that appeared to have small skulls. Having small skulls is not unusual in Brazil. As on February 4th only 404 of those cases were confirmed to be microcephaly. Worse, the Zika virus was found in only 17 of them! In other words, only 4.2% of microcephaly cases in Brazil have been shown to have any connection to Zika. That means 96% of microcephaly cases have no link to Zika. There was evidently no epidemic, and the role of the Zika virus is severely questioned. And yet the WHO went ahead with the global public health emergency declaration. Again, why?

What can cause microcephaly? According to medical texts, the condition can be genetic, fusing of bone sutures (gaps) in the skull preventing growth of the brain, due to complications in pregnancy or faulty delivery leading to deprivation of oxygen in the brain, exposure to drugs, alcohol or toxic chemicals in the womb, infections in the womb due to rubella or varicella viruses etc, severe malnutrition, inability of the body to break down a chemical, and any other insult or injury. Researchers than began investigating what could have happened to pregnant mothers during their pregnancy.

Brazil is a country that is reckless in the use of pesticides in its agricultural fields. Many of them are banned and are linked to congenital defects (defects to fetuses in the womb). Brazil also cultivates GM crops and uses the dangerous herbicide Glyphosate which has also been linked to birth defects in experiments with laboratory animals. Combined with rampant malnutrition in Brazilian women, pesticide and herbicide poisoning was a deadly mixture. The agency behind pushing GM crops into Brazil was once again the BMGF.

While investigating the procedures directed at pregnant women in the year 2015, shocking facts emerged. Acting as per a WHO decision to inject pregnant women with vaccines despite contraindications the Brazilian Government had allowed its pregnant women to become the equivalent of guinea pigs. Besides the tetanus vaccines (provided as Diptheria Tetanus vaccines), the women had also received the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine in pregnancy. What is worse a DTaP vaccine was mandated for pregnant women in 2014. Citing a shortage of the DTaP vaccine the highly reactive DTP vaccine was also administered. Clearly huge risks had been inflicted on the unsuspecting women. None of these vaccines are known to be safe during pregnancy and the MMR and the DaPT/DPT vaccines are lapses that cannot be condoned. The rubella virus in the MMR vaccine and the pertussis component in the DPT vaccine are known to cause microcephaly. In the USA alone, where the DaPT is administered to pregnant women, 25000 cases of microcephaly are likely to occur every year.

The DTaP vaccine initiative to vaccinate pregnant women was financed by BMGF funds. BMGF also heavily funds vaccination programmes in developing nations through its funded ally, the GAVI which receives the second largest funding from the BMGF. This BMGF is therefore coincidentally linked with all that could have gone wrong in the entire picture. The agency is also the third largest donor to the WHO which declared an emergency in great haste. If a vaccine to prevent Zika emerges, and GM mosquitoes are released globally to contain Zika, the gainer once again would be the BMGF. What an interconnected net of coincidence! If the GM mosquito, herbicides, pesticides and vaccines link to microcephaly in children can be covered up under the Zika protest, the beneficiary once again would be the BMGF which would not be questioned for its failings even as it continues to gain from these dangerous ventures.

In the future we can expect the Zika to be blamed for more and more conditions as the mere presence of the virus is being linked to illnesses and conditions in the patient.  This is like blaming the firefighters present in the fire scene for the fire as they are present whenever there is a fire! Called ‘correlation does not mean causation’, this principle is not being applied here for obvious reasons. There have to be scapegoats for medicine’s dangerous adverse effects. It would be wonderful if those scapegoats can call for further interventions that result in more business and more profits. Already there is a call to legalize the banned DDT as a mosquito repellant.

Thus even before the emergency was declared, the truth was out. There is no epidemic. The Zika virus is not the culprit. There has been a cover up to crimes of immense proportion at ground zero. An entirely new market has been opened up for drug and vaccine manufactures and research agencies will receive enough funding to clinch a faulty link. There will be a vaccine for a probable vaccine induced disorder. Vaccination of pregnant women can continue throughout the globe with the blame being shifted to the Zika virus for adverse effects. Countries that object to abortions will be asked to frame laws to legalize them. Pregnant women will be frightened into abortions and to stay away from sex. Large scale vaccinations of adults will become mandatory opening up new markets as the childhood vaccination market is getting saturated.

Modern medicine has gained in this entire episode as it has once again been able to expand its markets, cover up its criminal pursuits, further its de-population agenda, and strengthen the fear of disease in populations. The common man has lost his family freedom and choices, health, and is now fearful of an imaginary enemy.

Monsanto to Be Put on Trial for ‘Crimes Against Nature and Humanity’


The Organic Consumers Association, IFOAM International Organics, Navdanya, Regeneration International (RI) and Millions Against Monsanto, joined by dozens of global food, farming and environmental justice groups announced last week that they will put Monsanto, a U.S.-based transnational corporation, on trial for crimes against nature and humanity and ecocide, in The Hague, Netherlands, next year on World Food Day, Oct. 16, 2016.
The announcement was made at a press conference held in conjunction with the COP21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris.
“The time is long overdue for a global citizens’ tribunal to put Monsanto on trial for crimes against humanity and the environment,” Ronnie Cummins, international director of the Organic Consumers Association and Via Organica, said. “We are in Paris this month to address the most serious threat that humans have ever faced in our 100-200,000 year evolution—global warming and climate disruption. Why is there so much carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere and not enough carbon organic matter in the soil? Corporate agribusiness, industrial forestry, the garbage and sewage industry and agricultural biotechnology have literally killed the climate-stabilizing, carbon-sink capacity of the Earth’s living soil.”
Vandana Shiva, physicist, author, activist and founder of Navdanya agrees. “Monsanto has pushed GMOs in order to collect royalties from poor farmers, trapping them in unpayable debt and pushing them to suicide,” she said. “Monsanto promotes an agro-industrial model that contributes at least 50 percent of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Monsanto is also largely responsible for the depletion of soil and water resources, species extinction and declining biodiversity and the displacement of millions of small farmers worldwide.”
Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Monsanto has developed a steady stream of highly toxic products which have permanently damaged the environment and caused illness or death for thousands of people. These products include:
• PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyl), one of the 12 Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) that affect human and animal fertility;
• 2,4,5 T (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid), a dioxin-containing component of the defoliant, Agent Orange, which was used by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War and continues to cause birth defects and cancer;
• Lasso, an herbicide that is now banned in Europe; and
• Roundup, the most widely used herbicide in the world and the source of the greatest health and environmental scandal in modern history. This toxic herbicide, designated a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization, is used in combination with genetically modified RoundUp Ready seeds in large-scale monocultures, primarily to produce soybeans, maize and rapeseed for animal feed and biofuels.
Relying on the “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” adopted by the UN in 2011, an international court of lawyers and judges will assess the potential criminal liability of Monsanto for damages inflicted on human health and the environment….
Read more: Eco Watch

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I think I found a pot of Gold!!!

… ¨You have the guaranteed Universal Right of Self-Declaration provided by United Nations Conventions, plus the protections of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You have the Geneva Conventions and the Lieber Code. You have the preserved right to Common Law, guaranteed by Uniform Commercial Code 1-308 and recourse guaranteed by 1-103.6, which includes the right not to be bound by any contract that is unilateral, inequitable, involuntary, undisclosed, tainted by fraud, not in-kind, entered in your behalf by others merely claiming to represent you, or deemed to exist as the result of receiving a compelled benefit or fruit of monopoly inducement.¨


Read more…

The END of 400 Years of European Meddling and Predation in America

I hope all this is true…

In March, the IMF’s governmental services corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES (INC.) went insolvent. It was entered into Chapter 11 without naming a Successor to Contract. That left the “federal” side of the Constitution vacant and flapping in the wind.

The intention of the perpetrators is obvious. They meant to void the Constitution once and for all.
So, what to do?
We had already delivered Due Process to the IMF dba UNITED STATES and its franchises, resulting in a proper Judgment of Commercial and Administrative Default. We had already entered a properly constructed claim in commerce to claim back all the assets naturally belonging to the American people.

We formed an alliance with the Lakota and the Athabasca, two of the largest Native American nations—-which are “federal” and which have internationally recognized tribal governments, and we filed Sovereign Letters Patent and a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty.

The Constitution was saved and a new foundation begun.
The Native Americans are now free to come home to land that they were “removed from”, no longer POW’s, they have regained their sovereignty as free, sovereign and independent people living on the land.
The united States of America and the free, sovereign and independent people living on the land of the organic states have regained their sovereignty in the international jurisdiction of the sea.
For the first time since 1789 Americans are in full control of both their natural land and sea jurisdictions. We are finally whole.
Those who have read our affidavit of probable cause, “You Know Something Is Wrong When….An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” know that the Founders cut a deal with the British King allowing him to retain control of nineteen enumerated essential governmental services, all in the jurisdiction of the sea.
This “split” the jurisdiction owed to American states and people and created two different populations of people from the outset—- the free sovereign and independent people of the United States and the British Subject inhabitants who remained to provide these services under the Constitution.
The so-called “Federal Government” was never a sovereign government. It was always an association of sovereign nation-states. And it was never our government

though it was under contract to serve us. It was always a foreign government operating under the foreign jurisdiction of the sea and the equally foreign Law of the Sea.
So long as the British King remained honest and honored his obligation to us to act as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, the future remained safe— but almost immediately the “Troubles” began, as King George wiggled like a fish on a hook and sought to regain his position over the Americans. Things appeared to settle down after the War of 1812, but by 1845, the then-Pope and the British King sealed a secret pact agreeing that the egalitarian American Republic was incompatible with the idea of Papal Supremacy and the Divine Right of KIngs. The Secret Treaty of Verona was a grotesque, criminal, and highly secret Breach of Trust by both the British Monarch and the Holy See.
Within 15 years members of the American Bar Association loyal to the British KIng had elected Abraham Lincoln, a lawyer, to the Office of President of the United States — CEO of the commercial trading company deceptively called the United States (Trading Company) —not the land, not the country, not the organic states, and not the people. The actual Constitution already had provisions denying any member of the Bar any public office, so in LIncoln’s case the only “Presidency” he could occupy was as the CEO of the trading company doing business as the “United States”.
It is not a mistake that Abraham Lincoln led our country into a vicious Civil War, the results of which we are still dealing with 150 years later. The Civil War was not about ending slavery, as you can see by closely reading the 13th Amendment of the corporate “Constitution” called the “Constitution of the United States of America” adopted by the perpetrators of all this criminality, betrayal, and fraud in 1868. Though loudly proclaiming the abolishment of slavery, the 13th Amendment of this federal corporation document (which is actually a corporate by-law) goes on to enshrine slavery as a permanent part of the newly formed federal corporation doing business as The United States of America, Incorporated’s form of law. It makes criminals slaves and leaves the corporate “Congress”— an elected Board of Directors—free to define who the criminals are.
A close reading of the 14th Amendment shows that they made everyone who was a United States Citizen (Federal Citizen) a criminal by definition, a slave by definition, and a debtor, too. To this day, when these vermin bring innocent Americans into their private corporate tribunals (which are misrepresented as public courts) the charges are addressed to “persons” named after the victims. These “persons” are legal fiction entities defined as public trusts and more recently as public transmitting utilities—and they are already guilty by definition.
This is why it does no good for anyone mischaracterized as a “United States Citizen” to claim the guarantees of the actual Constitution, and why these courts do not hear any of the laws or the facts of any case and also the reason that their own court rules for judges admonish them to provide “an appearance” of Justice where there is none. All that is really going on is a determination of how much these criminals will charge you for their “service” and whether or not you will be “impounded” as cargo or held ransom as chattel backing the debts of their corporation.
This heinous crime, duplicity, Breach of Trust, enslavement, and merciless abuse of the American people has gone on for 150 years and since the 1930’s things have only gotten worse. Until now.
The very mechanism they hoped to use to finish us off was turned against them. We slipped in, invoked our true standing, formed the new federal alliance, issued the new Sovereign Letters Patent, issued the new Declaration of Joint Sovereignty— and booted both the British and the French off our shores once and for all.

Our answer came by Divine Providence, even as representatives of the Wells Fargo Bank (owned by the US Attorney General) were claiming that the united States of America no longer existed, that we no longer had a national currency in circulation, that all the Americans had “voluntarily” given up their birthright and accepted the slave status of “United States Citizens”, that our land was “abandoned property” and the Secondary Creditors of the bankrupt UNITED STATES governmental services corporation should be allowed to come in under color of law and claim our land, our homes, our businesses and everything else to pay the debts run up under conditions of fraud by the IMF doing business as the UNITED STATES.

A few weeks later Jacob Rothschild showed up. He assumed he could just cut a deal with the IMF and move into place as the Successor to Contract and begin the long- planned seizure of our land and other assets via the use of commercial mercenaries disguised as employees of our lawful government—– just like what is going on in Oregon now with the Uranium land-grab and the fake “FBI”.

The “FBI” like the “BLM” are just brand names of old used-to-be units of other governmental services corporations long gone. They’ve been run under color of law for years as private security and property management subcontractors of the IMF dba UNITED STATES and its corporate municipal franchises. Those men shooting and threatening people in Oregon are private commercial mercenaries acting under color of law, impersonating government employees.
That thing is Washington, DC that you were misled to believe was “your” government and which you trusted accordingly was never your government. It has always been an abusive and criminally mismanaged foreign government perched on our shores, here under contract to provide “essential governmental services”.
We are not responsible for the debts of this foreign entity and we have repudiated them accordingly. All we ever owed the UNITED STATES were reasonable fees for nineteen services– most of which we never received.
It was our distinct pleasure to inform Mr. Rothschild that other arrangements have been made and his offer to act as Successor to Contract was accordingly refused.
We will be providing our own services and taking care of our own business and our own people from now on.
The drive is on to reclaim and repatriate all American assets to America and to Americans. The Bank of International Settlements has already agreed, the World Court has already alerted all six branches, and an initial brief has been filed. The American Armed Forces have been alerted and true Americans from every walk of life and corner of the globe as well as friends from around the world are rallying to our assistance.
The world is waking up, led by tiny Iceland, and now by the Americans. We have lived for a long time under the thrall of criminals, as have many other nations. The British and the French, the Germans, the Japanese, the Canadians, and the Aussies—- all direct victims of this same fraud and criminality, while the rest of the world has suffered both directly and indirectly from this plague of dishonest politicians, corrupt judges and the banks which have functioned as crime syndicates. Please do your part to support this mighty effort to restore the peace, prosperity, and health of the whole Earth and the people living on it. Together, we are all the True Sovereigns— born to learn who we are, born to learn how to rule ourselves, born to be caretakers of each other and our beloved planet.
Please print, post, send, carry, do whatever it takes to inform every American. Especially inform all members of the police, the military, the so-called “law enforcement agencies”, the clergy, the community leaders, school officials, everyone who needs to know.

If you have resources, knowledge, or skills to offer, please stand by. There will be needs aplenty in the days to come. There may be possible disruptions of public services, possible disruptions of supply chains, possible confusion and very probably misinformation spewed by the Mainstream Media which is owned entirely by international corporations that have benefited from the fraud and very obviously failed to do their real job.

It is either criminally stupid or a purposeful malignant circumstance when all a country’s major news organs are owned by foreigners. Now that you know that fact, turn the knob. Take everything these talking heads say with two grains of salt, use your own brain and common sense.
Trust in yourself, your abilities, your skills, your friends, your families, your communities, your most cherished ideals, your fondest hopes. If you are like most Americans you will feel panic and anger and confusion when you realize just how close we have come to total disaster.
Believe in the Magnum Mysterium, the True God, the Great Spirit that shares One Life with all of us with One Love that is truly Divine.

Walk forward now, together, hand in hand, and fear no evil. When the Truth comes what is False must pass away.
See this article and over 150 others on Anna’s website here:

“The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation”

Just helping the word get around… Hope someone listens…


After more than 20 years, I’ve finally decided to tell the world what I witnessed in 1991, which I believe was one of the biggest turning point in popular music, and ultimately American society. I have struggled for a long time weighing the pros and cons of making this story public as I was reluctant to implicate the individuals who were present that day. So I’ve simply decided to leave out names and all the details that may risk my personal well being and that of those who were, like me, dragged into something they weren’t ready for.

Between the late 80’s and early 90’s, I was what you may call a “decision maker” with one of the more established company in the music industry. I came from Europe in the early 80’s and quickly established myself in the business. The industry was different back then. Since technology and media weren’t accessible to people like they are today, the industry had more control over the public and had the means to influence them anyway it wanted. This may explain why in early 1991, I was invited to attend a closed door meeting with a small group of music business insiders to discuss rap music’s new direction. Little did I know that we would be asked to participate in one of the most unethical and destructive business practice I’ve ever seen.

The meeting was held at a private residence on the outskirts of Los Angeles. I remember about 25 to 30 people being there, most of them familiar faces. Speaking to those I knew, we joked about the theme of the meeting as many of us did not care for rap music and failed to see the purpose of being invited to a private gathering to discuss its future. Among the attendees was a small group of unfamiliar faces who stayed to themselves and made no attempt to socialize beyond their circle. Based on their behavior and formal appearances, they didn’t seem to be in our industry. Our casual chatter was interrupted when we were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement preventing us from publicly discussing the information presented during the meeting. Needless to say, this intrigued and in some cases disturbed many of us. The agreement was only a page long but very clear on the matter and consequences which stated that violating the terms would result in job termination. We asked several people what this meeting was about and the reason for such secrecy but couldn’t find anyone who had answers for us. A few people refused to sign and walked out. No one stopped them. I was tempted to follow but curiosity got the best of me. A man who was part of the “unfamiliar” group collected the agreements from us.

Quickly after the meeting began, one of my industry colleagues (who shall remain nameless like everyone else) thanked us for attending. He then gave the floor to a man who only introduced himself by first name and gave no further details about his personal background. I think he was the owner of the residence but it was never confirmed. He briefly praised all of us for the success we had achieved in our industry and congratulated us for being selected as part of this small group of “decision makers”. At this point I begin to feel slightly uncomfortable at the strangeness of this gathering. The subject quickly changed as the speaker went on to tell us that the respective companies we represented had invested in a very profitable industry which could become even more rewarding with our active involvement. He explained that the companies we work for had invested millions into the building of privately owned prisons and that our positions of influence in the music industry would actually impact the profitability of these investments. I remember many of us in the group immediately looking at each other in confusion. At the time, I didn’t know what a private prison was but I wasn’t the only one. Sure enough, someone asked what these prisons were and what any of this had to do with us. We were told that these prisons were built by privately owned companies who received funding from the government based on the number of inmates. The more inmates, the more money the government would pay these prisons. It was also made clear to us that since these prisons are privately owned, as they become publicly traded, we’d be able to buy shares. Most of us were taken back by this. Again, a couple of people asked what this had to do with us. At this point, my industry colleague who had first opened the meeting took the floor again and answered our questions. He told us that since our employers had become silent investors in this prison business, it was now in their interest to make sure that these prisons remained filled. Our job would be to help make this happen by marketing music which promotes criminal behavior, rap being the music of choice. He assured us that this would be a great situation for us because rap music was becoming an increasingly profitable market for our companies, and as employee, we’d also be able to buy personal stocks in these prisons. Immediately, silence came over the room. You could have heard a pin drop. I remember looking around to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and saw half of the people with dropped jaws. My daze was interrupted when someone shouted, “Is this a f****** joke?” At this point things became chaotic. Two of the men who were part of the “unfamiliar” group grabbed the man who shouted out and attempted to remove him from the house. A few of us, myself included, tried to intervene. One of them pulled out a gun and we all backed off. They separated us from the crowd and all four of us were escorted outside. My industry colleague who had opened the meeting earlier hurried out to meet us and reminded us that we had signed agreement and would suffer the consequences of speaking about this publicly or even with those who attended the meeting. I asked him why he was involved with something this corrupt and he replied that it was bigger than the music business and nothing we’d want to challenge without risking consequences. We all protested and as he walked back into the house I remember word for word the last thing he said, “It’s out of my hands now. Remember you signed an agreement.” He then closed the door behind him. The men rushed us to our cars and actually watched until we drove off.

A million things were going through my mind as I drove away and I eventually decided to pull over and park on a side street in order to collect my thoughts. I replayed everything in my mind repeatedly and it all seemed very surreal to me. I was angry with myself for not having taken a more active role in questioning what had been presented to us. I’d like to believe the shock of it all is what suspended my better nature. After what seemed like an eternity, I was able to calm myself enough to make it home. I didn’t talk or call anyone that night. The next day back at the office, I was visibly out of it but blamed it on being under the weather. No one else in my department had been invited to the meeting and I felt a sense of guilt for not being able to share what I had witnessed. I thought about contacting the 3 others who wear kicked out of the house but I didn’t remember their names and thought that tracking them down would probably bring unwanted attention. I considered speaking out publicly at the risk of losing my job but I realized I’d probably be jeopardizing more than my job and I wasn’t willing to risk anything happening to my family. I thought about those men with guns and wondered who they were? I had been told that this was bigger than the music business and all I could do was let my imagination run free. There were no answers and no one to talk to. I tried to do a little bit of research on private prisons but didn’t uncover anything about the music business’ involvement. However, the information I did find confirmed how dangerous this prison business really was. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Eventually, it was as if the meeting had never taken place. It all seemed surreal. I became more reclusive and stopped going to any industry events unless professionally obligated to do so. On two occasions, I found myself attending the same function as my former colleague. Both times, our eyes met but nothing more was exchanged.

As the months passed, rap music had definitely changed direction. I was never a fan of it but even I could tell the difference. Rap acts that talked about politics or harmless fun were quickly fading away as gangster rap started dominating the airwaves. Only a few months had passed since the meeting but I suspect that the ideas presented that day had been successfully implemented. It was as if the order has been given to all major label executives. The music was climbing the charts and most companies when more than happy to capitalize on it. Each one was churning out their very own gangster rap acts on an assembly line. Everyone bought into it, consumers included. Violence and drug use became a central theme in most rap music. I spoke to a few of my peers in the industry to get their opinions on the new trend but was told repeatedly that it was all about supply and demand. Sadly many of them even expressed that the music reinforced their prejudice of minorities.

I officially quit the music business in 1993 but my heart had already left months before. I broke ties with the majority of my peers and removed myself from this thing I had once loved. I took some time off, returned to Europe for a few years, settled out of state, and lived a “quiet” life away from the world of entertainment. As the years passed, I managed to keep my secret, fearful of sharing it with the wrong person but also a little ashamed of not having had the balls to blow the whistle. But as rap got worse, my guilt grew. Fortunately, in the late 90’s, having the internet as a resource which wasn’t at my disposal in the early days made it easier for me to investigate what is now labeled the prison industrial complex. Now that I have a greater understanding of how private prisons operate, things make much more sense than they ever have. I see how the criminalization of rap music played a big part in promoting racial stereotypes and misguided so many impressionable young minds into adopting these glorified criminal behaviors which often lead to incarceration. Twenty years of guilt is a heavy load to carry but the least I can do now is to share my story, hoping that fans of rap music realize how they’ve been used for the past 2 decades. Although I plan on remaining anonymous for obvious reasons, my goal now is to get this information out to as many people as possible. Please help me spread the word. Hopefully, others who attended the meeting back in 1991 will be inspired by this and tell their own stories. Most importantly, if only one life has been touched by my story, I pray it makes the weight of my guilt a little more tolerable.

Thank you.

What Really Caused The AIDS Epidemic?

In 1885 Ulysses S Grant died from an oral cancer widely believed to have resulted from his long term heavy consumption of cigars.  However, despite continually mounting scientific evidence for the link between tobacco and many diseases, the public notion that smoking was safe, or even healthy, persisted for another 100 years.

Benjamin Franklin discovered that hot lead in printer’s type was dangerous to his health, yet 200 years later we were still putting lead into gasoline and house paint.

In 1881 President James Garfield was hit by an assassin’s bullet.  The wound was serious, but should not have been fatal. Garfield died 11 weeks later from infections caused by doctors repeatedly searching for the bullet with unwashed fingers inserted into the wound.  Scientific studies by the Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis had shown more than 30 years earlier that hand washing reduced the death rate from puerperal fever of mothers giving birth in clinics, but Semmelweis’s evidence was not widely accepted.  The United States had much evidence of wound treatment and survival rates from the Civil War, but the evidence was largely unexamined and unanalyzed.  In France Louis Pasteur had developed the germ theory of disease, but the theory was still rudimentary, viruses had not been discovered, and the link between infectious substances and specific bacteria was not established. In the US doctors retained a practical certainty that the inconvenience of hand washing was unnecessary.

These are examples of discord between scientific evidence and practical opinion.  In the first examples the evidence is one sided, but the popular view was conflicted.  There were anti-smoking campaigns, as well as pro-smoking advertising and product placement by the tobacco industry that maintained public uncertainty about the health effects of smoking.  The effects of tobacco and lead don’t show up immediately, so the public was uncertain.

In the hand washing example, the evidence was as yet uncertain, lacking an accepted theoretical basis, but doctors were certain (the wrong way) and took risks that they could (and should) have avoided.

The first kind of discord is the more easily identified and studied.  Climate science and evolution are examples of firm scientific evidence being disputed by an uncertain public.  Evidence that conflicts with economic, political, or religious interests or ideological beliefs tends to be ignored by the interested parties.

The second kind of discord is a little harder to identify and analyze, but it is perhaps even more common and its effects can be even more costly.  There is a natural tendency to seek certainty and resolution and to seize upon answers to questions even when those answers are tentative and the science, the evidence, and the analysis behind them are still open to scientific dispute.

This second discord occurs when scientific issues are uncertain or unresolved, but the public holds and acts upon beliefs that are not backed by science, especially when those false certainties are supported by institutional interests.

Not so long ago blood-letting was widely accepted as the preferred medical treatment for numerous conditions.  George Washington died from it.  Benjamin Franklin accepted it.  We recently avoided eggs, then butter, then salt.  Now, instead, sugar is the concern.  We used to remove children’s tonsils, now we leave them in except in extreme cases.  We banned marijuana as dangerous, now we prescribe it.  There is a wide gap between what is believed at a particular time and what is actually known.  Faith is said to be pretending to know things you don’t know.  When people say they have faith in science, they are pretending to know things they don’t know about science.  Science is not something to be taken on faith.

Science is a method of inquiry, not a set of certainties.

Science is a method of inquiry, not a set of certainties.  Science applies to things we are uncertain about.  Science aids decision-making by providing evidence.  Most decisions can’t wait for certainty.

Science also enriches life apart from immediate practicality.  We are consumers of information.  There is a problem, though.  Much of our information, many of the things we think we know, especially things we unthinkingly accept without question, are going to turn out to be false.

Desire for certainty makes us gullible.  We want the truth, but what we have is information, evidence, and theories.  We live in a reality that includes powerful institutions that have a strong interest in what we accept as true.  Private corporations and other business entities make their profits by selling products, and by avoiding government constraints, and they spend large sums on advertising and lobbying and the creation or manipulation of public opinion.  Political parties and government itself are powerful institutions that have interests in public information and the formation of public opinion.  Nonprofit institutions can be just as strong as business institutions, and have similar interests.  Religious institutions have obvious interests in the formation of beliefs.  Public opinion relating to economics, politics or religion are hot topics where strongly held opinions often lead to conflict.

Our lives are constrained by institutions that saturate world society, and the institutions in turn are constrained and interact with public opinion.  Public opinion based on facts and evidence, rather than institutional interests, is necessary for wise and beneficial relationships among the public and the institutions we rely on.  Science should contribute facts and evidence.  Science might be presumed to be an neutral arbitrator, until it is realized that science, too, is a matter of institutions.  The method of science is available to all of us individually, but the practice of science is complex, interpersonal (or inter-institutional), and expensive.

Discussing all this in the abstract has limited appeal.  A case study on how science, institutions, and public opinion interact can shed more light on the situation than a purely theoretical discussion.

The case study presented here takes on a topic that is less personal and possibly less inflammatory than one directly involving politics, economics or religion, but which has the same kind of powerful institutional influence in the background.  The case study is about the origins of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, a subject of interest in itself, and which could have important consequences for the fight against the epidemic in Africa and other places where inadequate funding has been a constraint.

To read the full case study go to:

#Colombia esto no es un #ProcesoDePaz, si no una #ReformaConstitucional…

Estoy cansada de escuchar mentiras y mas mentiras de parte de los gobiernos y los noticieros… Hasta cuando? Que tanto tienen que comprometer la libertad, la salud y la sanidad mental del pueblo antes de que la gente del común se de cuenta? Día a día leo cada vez mas noticias mundiales que me causan preocupación: guerras, violaciones a nuestros derechos, gobiernos corruptos, medios moldeando la opinion publica, entre otras. La maquinaria de la propaganda es tal, que ni siquiera los mas educados de la ¨clase alta¨ lo han notado. Y me refiero a la clase alta entre comillas, por que ellos pueden creer que pertenecen a tal estrato, pero si no eres parte de la elite mundial, no eres realmente mas que otro trabajador con un mayor poder adquisitivo. Me preocupa ver como nuestra sociedad va avanzando hacia un futuro muy similar a 1984 de George Orwell en donde la represión social es tal que hasta se persiguen los ¨crímenes de pensamiento¨ (ThoughtCrime en ingles) termino utilizado recientemente en estados unidos por grupos radicales que pretenden defender a las minorías a través de subyugar a las mayorías. Doy gracias por que cada vez somos mas los que nos damos cuenta de estas cosas, pero un pensamiento recurrente me asecha: Y ahora quien podrá defendernos? Es una pregunta que me atormentaba hasta en mis sueños, hasta que poco a poco he logrado comprender que nadie vendrá a salvarnos, no vendrán extraterrestres a llevarnos en una nave, no aparecera ningún Cristo a redimir a esta sociedad, tampoco los grandes cataclismos que se supone nos sacarían de esta miseria, no, nada de esto que muchos líderes espirituales prometen acabaran con esta putrefacta sociedad, así que finalmente lo comprendí, NOSOTROS SOMOS LA SOLUCION, y me no refiero a que nosotros somos el problema, como algunos creen, si no que SOMOS la SOLUCION! Solo uniéndonos todos podremos hacer que las cosas cambien, no aceptando las mentiras que nos dan de comer los gobiernos y medios de comunicación, educándonos nosotros mismos y a los mas ignorantes que nosotros somos los que realmente establecemos las leyes y a los estados, no lo contrario. Debemos entender que nuestros derechos llegan hasta donde inician los derechos de los demás, respetándolos y haciéndolos respetar. Creo firmemente en que la nobleza obliga: Noblesse Oblige: es nuestra responsabilidad como los mas educados y privilegiados en esta sociedad velar y proteger los derechos e intereses de los menos afortunados.

Despierta #Colombia, el que no sabe su historia esta condenado a repetirla. Ya nos liberamos una vez de la corona Española, no nos dejemos esclavizar una vez mas. Entendamos que la división del poder entre las diferentes ramas del gobierno es algo totalmente necesario para asegurar que el estado no se vuelva tiránico. Aquí les recuerdo como se supone debe funcionar nuestro gobierno para que un grupo de individuos no tengan demasiado poder. Ya tenemos un estado altamente corrupto, no dejemos que tengan mas poder para hacer lo que les de la gana con nuestro país…

Gobierno de Colombia

Colombia es una república presidencialista, y un Estado unitario con separación de poderes ejecutivolegislativo y judicial. La Constitución política vigente fue proclamada, el 4 de julio de 1991. El Presidente de la República y los gobernadores departamentales son los que se encargan de hacer cumplir los reglamentos de la nación.

Se encarga de hacer cumplir las leyes (Ejecutar), mantener el orden público, organizar los servicios PARA LA POBLACION y recaudar impuestos para hacer uso de ellos.

El Presidente de la nación es el Jefe de Gobierno y cabeza del poder ejecutivo, el cual comparte con un gabinete ministerial. Además es el comandante en jefe de las Fuerzas Militares

El gabinete se compone, además del presidente y el vicepresidente, de los ministros de despacho y los directores de departamentos administrativos.

El presidente es elegido por voto popular directo para un período de cuatro años o menos, en caso de sustitución. La Constitución de 1991 prohibía la reelección presidencial de por vida y con anterioridad era posible la reelección mediata (un ex presidente podía ser reelegido pero el presidente en ejercicio no podía ser reelegido para el período siguiente). Con referendo constitucional en 2005 esta prohibición fue abolida y dos presidentes hicieron uso de ella pudiendo participar en las elecciones desde el cargo. En el año 2015 se retorno a la ley de 1991.

El vicepresidente se elige por voto popular directo en llave con el presidente. Los ministros y los directores administrativos son cargos de libre nombramiento y remoción por parte del presidente.

También se encuentran los Gobernadores y Alcaldes que son elegidos por voto popular.

Rama legislativa

Se encarga de elaborar las leyes y normas (Legislar). Un Congresobicameral formado por el Senado (100 miembros elegidos por circunscripción nacional por un periodo de cuatro años y un número adicional de 2 senadores elegidos en circunscripción especial por comunidades indígenas) y la Cámara de Representantes, conformada por ciento sesenta y seis miembros elegidos por 4 años, de los cuales ciento sesenta y uno representan a las circunscripciones territoriales (departamentos y el Distrito Capital). A razón de 2 por cada circunscripción y uno más por cada 250.000 habitantes o fracción mayor de 125.000; los cinco restantes representan a las comunidades afrocolombianas (dos), los indígenas (uno), los colombianos residentes en el exterior (uno) y las minorías políticas (uno).

Rama judicial

Se encarga de aplicar la ley de manera justa y resuelve conflictos entre las personas de acuerdo a la ley (Judicializar).

El poder judicial de Colombia empieza a partir de la Constitución Política de 1991. Es conformado por la Corte Suprema de Justicia, la Corte Constitucional, el Consejo de Estado, el Consejo Superior de la Judicatura, así como los tribunales y juzgados. La Fiscalía General de la Nación que es un organismo independiente adscrito a la rama judicial del Poder Público en Colombia.

Otros Organismos

Son entidades del Estado, ajenas a las tres ramas del poder colombiano:

No me parece sabio alterar nuestra constitución por una promesa de paz por parte de uno de los tantos grupos criminales que se ha ganado la vida a costa de los Colombianos. Y aun que a muchos les duela acaptarlo, Santos no se ha ganado la confianza para ello tampoco. ¿Que es lo que tiene que esconder para tener que hacer todo el proceso a puertas cerradas? Al final somos todos los Colombianos los que debemos decidir si es justo o no. ¿Por que se nos ha escondido el proceso mediante el cual han llegado a este acuerdo? A mi me causa mucha desconfianza que uno de los pasos sea entregarle mas poder al presidente. Y ademas TODOS los senadores deberían estar en su contra para ser rechazado, ¿por que no hacer todo lo contrario? Que sean todos los senadores los que deban estar de acuerdo para que se legalice el acuerdo, no son ellos los elegidos por todos nosotros? Ahora, no quiero que me mal interpreten, yo no le digo que no a la PAZ, todo lo contrario, pero como víctima, familiar de víctimas, y ciudadana Colombiana, le digo NO a esta solución. Me parece muy apresurada y una falta de respeto hacia todo lo que hemos sufrido. Tal vez haga falta negociar mas, tal vez necesitemos otros puntos de vista, tal vez tantas cosas, pero ciertamente alguna solución que sea mas justa y equilibrada para TODOS nosotros.

Reforma Constitucional HSB Noticias.

Historia de Colombia.