Beyond Distrust: How People View Their Government And News Agencies.

A national survey by Pew Research Center reveals how distrustful the American public feels about the media; 65 percent say the national news media impacts the country negatively.

Among conservative Republicans and Republican leaners, a whopping 82 percent say the national news media has a negative impact.

89 percent of Republicans distrust the government, and 72 percent of Democrats agree. On average, 13 percent of Republicans have said, during Obama’s tenure, that they can trust the government, the lowest level of average trust among either party during any administration dating back 40 years.

Americans simply don’t trust the federal government—only 19 percent believe they can trust the government in Washington to do what is right, with a paltry 3 percent qualifying that statement as “just about always” and 16 percent specifying, “most of the time.”

This is not only in America, but in Europe and Latin-America as well. Headlines like: ¨Top German Journalist Admits Live On Air National News Agenda Set By Government¨ in Germany, ¨Crisis of trust in the news media?¨ in Spain, ¨Por que nos odian tanto?¨ (Why are we being hated so much?) in latin america, are just a small example that leaks through the bars of what is really happening.

“…journalists received instructions to write news that would be “to Ms. Merkel’s liking”…

“… the stations actually took orders on what was and was not to be reported on”…

“…the topics about which are reported are laid down by the government”…

“There are many topics that would be more important than what the government wants. But they, of course, want to deflect attention away from what does n´t happen. Yet what doesn’t happen is often more important than what does happen – more important than gesture politics”.

“… it should be reported “to Ms. Merkel’s liking”,

“Today, one is not allowed to say anything negative about the refugees”…“This is government journalism and that leads to a situation in which people no longer trust us. This is a scandal.”

“…That the German mainstream media is not free and routinely obscures or bends the truth”…

This has become an issue one must do something about. We are being deceived into thinking that what media tells us is the truth, or what the majority thinks; but the truth is, facts are far from it…

A year ahead of the presidential election, the American public is deeply cynical about government, politics and the nation’s elected leaders in a way that has become quite familiar.

Currently, just 19% say they can trust the government always or most of the time, among the lowest levels in the past half-century. Only 20% would describe government programs as being well-run. And elected officials are held in such low regard that 55% of the public says “ordinary Americans” would do a better job of solving national problems.

The federal government is not the only national institution viewed negatively by the public. A majority (56%) say large corporations have a negative impact on the country, while an identical percentage says the same about the entertainment industry. And nearly two-thirds (65%) say the national news media has a negative effect on the country.

I´m deeply worried, I don´t know what should be done about all this, except not to buy more mainstream media. There are several alternate news pages that are actually trying to do something, or even independent people that do give a damn about the country and try to educate us, I deeply encourage everybody out there to hear them out. For crying out loud her them both if you must, and then get your own conclusions from the outcome of what is actually happening…

Alex Jones

Paul Joseph Watson

Lauren Southern


Sister Sorcha Faal


There are several others out there, it´s just a matter of preference, let your heart speak to you…

With love,



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