About me…

One of my early childhood memories is having the desire to express and be able to share my ideals about proper manners and etiquette. Not just for Ladies, but for all of us living in a society so we could all have a much understanding coexistence. Living in a small city from a 3rd world country, this important little details are not always obvious to all who live among us, and by pointing out this social conducts I´ve wanted to contribute a little grain of sand into building a better society. Yes, indeed I am a dreamer, a reformist, who believes that change can be possible by gradually educating people. Now as I grew older I began to acquire a passion for fashion, although this two devotions are not mutually exclusive sometimes they tend to step on one another. It´s not just a matter of not wearing a white dress to a friends wedding, or not wearing a bikini to church, it´s something much much deeper, it has to do with self respect. Sadly, nowadays you can see how some fashion trends appeal to a much more grotesque feminine side, leaving aside all lady like behaviour and self esteem. I´ll be writing about those aspects we´ve seem to have forgotten or have left aside for the time being all in the name of fashion. I´ll be also sharing some day to day experiences, history details and fashion recommendations, please feel free to ask about any other subject you would like to read about.

Looking forward to chatting with you about your opinions in these matters

Lady in Lace


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